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Prashkovsky Group is an association of real estate companies that began operating in 1989 and is currently a leading family entrepreneurship, development,  and construction group. The group owns investments and properties in Israel & England.

Prashkovsky Group’s projects in Israel span the length and breadth of the country across carefully selected major residential and commercial areas that include residential buildings, offices, urban regeneration, neighbourhood shopping centers, customised logistic centers, industrial facilities, and boutique apartments.

The trademark of Prashkovsky Group is a visible quality and expertise that can be appreciated from the ground up.

Thanks to leadership based on a tradition of listening, sterling service, reliability, and responsiveness to its customers and collaborators, the group has achieved a significant and prominent competitive advantage in a world of accelerated change. Moreover, the group’s customers see the “open door” policy as a long-term commitment that guarantees their satisfaction for many years.

Prashkovsky Group, now run by two generations of the family, continues to grow as it faces the future- with the challenges and opportunities inherent in it while maximising the managerial skills, experience, and professional knowledge it has accumulated over the years. Adapting wisely and responsibly to changing times and consistently adhering to values of fairness, excellence, and honesty, the company advocates an uncompromising strategy of creativity that bases its vision on transparency, honesty, and complete responsiveness to the needs of its customers, investors, and partners.

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אריה פרשקובסקי

Arie Prashkovsky

An accountant and economist by training, Arie serves as CEO and owner of the companies incorporated under Prashkovsky Group and is a descendant of a family of winegrowers, citrus growers and farmers from Rishon Lezion. He is married to Dalia, father of three, and grandfather of four. He lives in Tel Aviv. His activities for the community include private and companies’ donations to a variety of institutions and organisations that help children and people in need, mainly in the areas of health and education.
דליה פרשקובסקי

Dalia Prashkovsky

An educator by training, Dalia is co-owner of the companies incorporated under Prashkovsky Group, a director in some of them, and head of the overall design of projects built by the group. She is an offspring of the Salomon family – one of the families who established Nahalat Yehuda before becoming part of Rishon Lezion. Dalia is a collector of Israeli art. She is married to Arie, mother of three and grandmother of four. She lives in Tel Aviv. Her activities for the community include private donations and donations made through being a member of a variety of institutions and organisations that help children and people in need, mainly in the areas of health and education.
איתמר פרשקובסקי

Itamar Prashkovsky

Itamar graduated with honours in Hotel management studies in Switzerland and studied to become a Chef in New York. After several years in the service sector, he decided to turn to real estate and joined The Prashkovsky Group. At the same time, he completed Business Administration and Finance studies and became an integral part of the group. In 2013 he moved to North America and developed a niche of luxury residence under the group. He currently resides in England and manages the group activities there. Itamar is the eldest son of Arie and Dalia, married to Tal, and a father of two.
עדי בורקין

Adi Borkin

A filmmaker at heart, who was captivated by the charms of the Real Estate world, and joined the group in 2008 while completing a degree in Business Administration. Adi is the business development manager and serves as the deputy CEO. He is a lover of nature, hiking, gardening, and art. He is married to Adaya, a father of two, raising two dogs, and lives in Rishpon.
עדיה פרשקובסקי

Adaya Prashkovsky

Following many years in the professional dance world Adaya decided to make a career change and studied law. In 2011, after completing an internship at Shraga Biran law firm, she became a legal adviser for the companies incorporated under the group. Adaya is the youngest daughter of Arie and Dalia. She is married to Adi, a mother of two, raising two dogs, and lives in Rishpon.
נורית שיאון

Nurit Sion

An accountant by training, Nurit has a knowledgeable and extensive experience in the real estate world accumulated through years of working in leading real estate companies in Israel. She works in the company many years and serves as the group’s CFO. In addition, Nurit is a board member in a variety of companies as well as a volunteer and treasurer of Tangent Women’s Circle Rishon Lezion. Married to Oren, an accountant by profession and mother of two.
שרון בכר

Sharon Bachar

Sharon is the office manager and personal assistant to Dalia and Arie. During her years of working in the group, she gained extensive experience in real estate and bookkeeping. Thanks to her many talents and resourcefulness, she can give quick and practical solutions and responses to all the group’s customers, partners, and suppliers with grace and courtesy. Sharon is married to Shai and a mother of five children; she lives in Herzliya.


We continue to grow and improve the skills, experience and professional knowledge we have gained over the years. and offer our customers and partners added value and significant security all along the way. We will be happy to meet and get to know you and your dreams.



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